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Hyperdiode 532

€ 18.000,00
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Demo device KTP laser. Little used, only for demo. Includes handpiece and scanner.

In Dermatology: vascular applications in the face, haemangioma, telangiectasia, Cherry and Spider angioma, diffuse redness, Lentigines, ...

In dentistry: minor surgical procedures, haemangioma, SmartBleach


Wavelength 532nm, together with the pulsed dye laser (595nm), is the gold standard for the treatment of superficial vascular lesions due to the extremely high absorption by hemoglobin

The high power of 5W allows you to use a larger laser spot and generate shorter pulse durations.

Variable pulse duration: from 0,125 ms to 2,5 s

Spot size: from 1,5 mm to 3 mm

Multidisciplinary use for dentistry and dermatology

Compact and portable (13 kg)


Price: €18.000 including VAT

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