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€ 88.000,00
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The AGAIN laser is a fast and powerful laser platform for hair removal treatments with a wide range of applications for medical professionals. It is equipped with two complementary wavelengths, 755 nm Alexandrite (the only effective one for fine and blonde hair) + 1064 nm Nd:YAG, which penetrates deeper into the skin for better results.


A modern 2-in-1 workstation to perform the most requested dermatological applications (hair removal, vascular and pigment lesions, non-ablative photorejuvenation).

Powerful laser technology – higher peak power makes treatment of blonde fine hairs even more efficient

Easily switch between wavelengths and different treatments within one session

Knowledge at your fingertips with the built-in protocol database

Fast, safe and painless with Moveo handpieces

Suitable for all skin types

Low maintenance costs


Device only 20 months old, sale due to reorientation of the practice.

Included handpieces: Moveo HR (hair removal), Handpieces 2,5 mm – 5 mm – 10 mm – 15 mm and 20 mm


Price €88.000 including VAT

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